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Open Positions

Lab Assistant

Job Summary:
The LAB ASSISTANT is responsible for performing various lab duties, including processing specimens, organizing workload, staining slides, cutting frozen sections, and assisting in other areas inside and outside of the histology lab as needed. Is responsible for producing quality patient care through Laboratory Services to patients of all age groups.
Under general supervision performs work following established standards, practices and procedures of gross room operations.

Key Responsibilities:
1. Performs specimen triage handling procedures, and gross room examinations, and may assist in the embedding and cutting processes as demonstrated with competencies.
2. Performs routine tissue processing functions, frozen sections, cytology preparation, staining techniques.
3. Performs routine maintenance on gross room area instrumentation, including, but not limited to cryostats, processors, recycler, gross dissection tables.
4. Practices safety, chemical hygiene, and biohazard procedures.
5. Performs all clerical functions within the Pathology Department.
6. Recycles and neutralizes waste chemical solutions per departmental procedures.
7. Proactively records all variations in instrumentation in the corrective action logs, reports timely and appropriately any deviation in acceptable specimen submission.

High School diploma/GED preferred or equivalent experience required.
Skills: Ability to read, communicate, and document effectively through oral, written, or electronic means. Medical terminology is a plus, computer experience, and excellent service skills. Demonstrates the constant ability to prioritize and respond promptly to a changing workload.

Lifting Requirements:
Medium-generally not lifting more than 50 lbs. maximum with frequent and / or carrying of object weighing up to 45 lbs.

Histology Technician ll, Full Time

Job Description
Histology Technician II

Job Summary:
Prepares histologic slides from human tissue sections for microscopic examination and
diagnosis by Pathologist.

Key Responsibilities:
• Accessioning of tissue specimens
• Assisting Pathologist Assistants/Techs
• Processing and embedding tissue specimens
• Microtomy and staining tissue sections
• Evaluating and recommending adjustments for processes and procedures as part of quality
• Maintaining equipment in accordance with defined policies and protocols, and logging
preventive and remedial maintenance of equipment. .
• Preparing solutions and stains following standard laboratory formulas and procedures
• Complies with all laboratory policies and procedures, OSHA, CLIA and CAP regulations
• Following all OSHA and lab safety guidelines and maintains a safe and clean environment
by the daily cleaning of work areas, cleaning up spills and all other duties necessary to
sustain an appropriate work area
• Participating in the preparation for periodic CAP surveys
• General lab organization.

Associate’s degree from an accredited Histotechnology Certification program with 3 years of laboratory that includes some experience with histology. HT (ASCP) certification eligible.
May consider high school diploma with 5 years of histology, or related experience.

Lifting Requirements:
Medium-generally not lifting more than 50 lbs. maximum with frequent and / or carrying of
object weighing up to 25 lbs.

Job Duties:
1. Microtomy: Cutting of all blocks Biopsies, Cell Blocks, Skin’s and all other tissue.
2. Knowledge Staining H & E and all Special stain.
3. Making of slide for IHC and Special stain.
4. Ability to cut a Frozen Section.
5. Knowledge of Tissue Processor
6. Knowledge of Embedding Center
7. Knowledge of Cryostat
8. Knowledge of Ultra and Special Stanier
9. Knowledge of the IScan Coreo/SLIS
10. Prepare equipment and reagents for processing, embedding, microtome cutting
and mounting of tissue; perform routine and special staining techniques
11. Label and record slides of specimens received; provide specimens for
microscopic examination and diagnosis by the pathologist.
12. Knowledge of HER2 Dual ISH
13. Knowledge of ordering and inventory.
14. Send outs
15. Preparation of bulk reagents.
16. Cutting of controls block as needed.
17. Assist with Gross as need.
18. To do what is asked of you at any time to make the lab run as smooth possible or
to get the job done.
19. Patient care and quality are always first.
20. To be courteous at all times.

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